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Layering Essentials

Discover essential styles for everyday layering. Choose from mohair cardigans and tanks, lace-trimmed vest tops, soft cashmere wraps and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Breathability is the key to layering if you want to remain airy and fresh, without overheating. Choose fabrics that let air flow, and you’ll be constantly replacing your body heat with cooler outside air, but not so quickly that you’ll get cold. Try to stick to two or three layers, if possible, as the more layers you have, the harder you make it for warm air to escape.



Absolutely. In practice, the cardigan is only ever worn as a layer, whether that’s over a vest, T-shirt, dress, or shirt, or under a jacket or coat. It’s light enough to carry in a bag if the temperature rises, or put on when it gets cooler, whatever the season. It’s perfect 12 months of the year, so it should be part of your wardrobe whatever the season.

Layering is the flexible way to control your warmth in the summer, as a hot day doesn’t always foretell a warm evening, so you need a backup if you’re out from noon till night. Carrying an extra layer with you (a T-shirt, cardigan, or light jumper) lets you decide what to wear, whatever the sun decides to do.