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Women’s Summer Fashion Trends To Watch In 2022


Looking for summer fashion tips and inspiration? Take a look at our latest guide for everything you need to be aware of in summer 2022!

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Our favourite spring knits

3rd March 2022

If you want to know what knitwear we’re loving this season, then look no further than this knit list, featuring six of our favourite jumper and cardigan styles.

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Cashmere care guide – Everything you need to know

23rd February 2022

Here’s everything you need to know about cashmere in our latest guide. From buying and cleaning to wearing and washing, discover what you need to know inside.

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Should cashmere clothing be dry cleaned?

19th January 2022

When it comes to washing your cashmere clothing, what do you need to be aware of? Take a look inside at our latest article.

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Can you iron cashmere?

18th January 2022

Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to ironing or steaming cashmere clothing.

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Is cashmere sustainable?

17th January 2022

Wondering whether cashmere is sustainable or natural? Find out what you need to know in our latest guide.

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Why wear cashmere in winter?

5th November 2021

Wondering why you should wear cashmere in winter? Take a look at our latest guide to find out!

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How to stop cashmere from pilling - Cashmere Care Guide

2nd November 2021

Take a look at our latest guide for everything you need to know about stopping your cashmere clothing from pilling.

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Cashmere or Cotton - How to know which to choose

26th October

When it comes to choosing between cashmere or cotton, where do you start? Find out in our latest guide.

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10 tips for wearing summer dresses in autumn

22nd October 2021

Wondering how you can wear your summer dresses in autumn? We’ve got the perfect guide for you!

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Luella loves loungewear

20th October 2021

Cosy yet stylish. Effortless yet chic. Loungewear is the best of both worlds. Discover some of the staple Luella loungewear styles we’re loving this season.

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The complete guide to cotton knitwear

5th October 2021

Cotton is, and always has been, valued for a host of benefits. Read on to find out where it comes from, how cotton knitwear is made and about our cotton range.

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Six ways to wear green

22nd September 2021

People often find green harder to wear than other colours, so we’ve six different ideas for how to style it.

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The complete guide to cashmere – Everything you need to know

20th September 2021

Take a look at our latest guide to understand what a cashmere-blend is, what you need to know when it comes to caring for cashmere clothing and much more.

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A guide to wearing colour

21st July 2021

Bold and brilliant, daring colour palettes are an easy way to lift your outfit and your mood. Discover our top tips for harnessing the power of colour.

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Meet Creative Director and Founder, Alison

18th June 2021

Join Creative Director and Founder, Alison Townshend as she shares how the business started, the story so far, and which pieces from our summer collection she’s wearing this season.

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10 top holiday destinations for 2021

8th June 2021

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a summer getaway abroad. We asked members of Team Luella to tell us their top holiday destinations for 2021, and where they're looking forward to visiting again soon!

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Eight reasons why we love wearing linen

7th May 2021

Linen is the ultimate natural fibre with both functional and ethical appeal. It has a natural, soft and breathable feel that’s perfect for keeping cool on warm days. Read on to discover linen's wonderful characteristics and why it’s an obvious choice for our summer collection.

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Six of the best independent shops in the Cotswolds

9th April 2021

Shopping at businesses in our communities can have a tremendous impact. There's never been a better time to shop local. As Luella HQ is based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, we’ve shone a light on some of our favourite locally owned stores and eateries in the area. 

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Our journey to sustainability

19th Feb 2021

Discover some of the ways we’re respecting the planet and reducing our environmental impact as a business.

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10 ways to look after your cashmere jumper

5th March 2021

At Luella, we get lots of requests from customers asking for information on how to look after their cashmere jumpers, so we've put together this helpful how-to guide. 

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